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Nov.18, 2013 – Commission to consult on changes to Marriage Canon.  The Council of General Synod has struck a commission “to carry out a broad consultation about changing the marriage canon (church law) to allow same-sex marriage,” the Anglican Journal reports.  This follows General Synod’s instruction to CoGS in July to prepare a motion by 2016 to effect such a change.  The AJ also reports, at length, the comments of Primate Fred Hiltz warning that the House of Bishops is “sounding a note of caution at how quickly we go down this road and perhaps we should be considering whether we do at all.”  Only four months ago a large majority of bishops voted to move the discussion in exactly this direction.

Oct.30, 2013 – Integrity friend Rev. David Bewley dies.  We are saddened at the passing of our long-time friend and supporter, David Bewley.  David was Integrity’s first webmaster and email list host, and he served us for many years as a ‘news aggregator,’ keeping us informed of Anglican and LGBT issues around the world.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Bev, Bonnie, their families, and the parish of St John the Evangelist, Ottawa.  “May you rest this day in peace, and your dwelling place be in the paradise of God.”

Jul.6, 2013 -- Motion requested to open the Marriage Canon to same-sex couples.  General Synod has approved a resolution directing its Council to prepare a motion for its meeting in 2016 that would change church rules to open Holy Matrimony to same-sex couples while also protecting the consciences of those who disagree.  The Anglican Journal reported on the debate and vote:  69% of bishops, 71% of clergy, and 79% of laity supported the decision.

Nov.4, 2012 – Quebec is 10th diocese to approve same-sex blessings.  The Synod of the Diocese of Quebec, one of five dioceses in the province, has voted to support Bishop Dennis Drainville’s plan “to provide both a rite of blessing and pastoral support for persons living in committed, same-gender relationships.”  Similar approval was granted in Rupert’s Land and Edmonton following diocesan synods last month.  Blessings of same-sex civil marriage are now permitted (in some form) in 10 Canadian dioceses – New Westminster, Montreal, Niagara, Huron, Ottawa, British Columbia, Toronto, Edmonton, Rupert's Land, and Quebec – and in the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior (BC).

Jul.17, 2012 – Moratorium lifted in Vancouver.  Bishop Michael Ingham has lifted the partial moratorium on same-sex blessings in the Diocese of New Westminster.  The decision follows a diocesan synod vote to end the 7-year old, self-imposed limitation that allowed blessings of civilly married same-sex couples in only 8 parishes.  The conscience clause protecting clergy and parishes who do not support blessings remains in place.

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