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Jun.13, 2015 – Scottish Anglicans pass initial vote on same-sex church marriage.  The Scottish Episcopal Church has begun the process of changing its canons to allow clergy to marry gay and lesbian couples.  The church’s General Synod has indicated it wants to consider an option to remove the section in the canon that defines marriage and to add a conscience clause to protect clergy who oppose.  If approved by two synods, same-sex church marriages could begin in Scotland in 2017.

Feb.3, 2015 – Episcopal Church in the US releases Report on Marriage.  The national conference of American Anglicans will consider a resolution to amend its canons to include same-sex marriages, among other changes, when it meets this summer.  The resolution (A036) is included in the final report of the US church’s task force on marriage which also addresses the history of Christian marriage and a biblical and theological framework for thinking about marriage.

Oct.1, 2014 – “All the Sacraments for All the Baptised.”  Writing on behalf of Integrity in Canada, Chris Ambidge has submitted a letter to the ACC’s Commission on the Marriage Canon.  Chris writes: “Over the last 39 years, ‘all the sacraments for all the baptised’ has been at the heart of Integrity’s advocacy. Integrity is therefore strongly in favour of amending Canon XXI to allow for the marriage of same-sex couples.”  Amen!  The full letter is available here:

Sep.3, 2014 – Submissions to the Commission on the Marriage Canon.  As part of the Church’s discernment process on proposed changes, the Commission on the Marriage Canon is posting all submissions from interested members online.  A submission was also solicited from the ACC’s full-communion partner, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, which has been blessing same-sex marriages since 2011. 

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